Senior National Debate Championships

The Senior National Debate Championships is the recognized Canadian championship tournament for senior high school debaters. Competitors are selected by their provincial associations, usually at provincial championships. The tournament host rotates around the country.


2017 Championships

The 2017 Canadian National Debate Championships were held in Vancouver, BC  from April 20-23rd, 2017. For the first time ever, the event encompassed Junior, Senior and French Nationals as 250+ debaters vied for the title of national champion in all three divisions. The Senior tournament was won by Jack Farrell and Ben Gillis from Halifax Grammar (Nova Scotia); the Junior tournament was won by Angela Li and Max Xu from University of Toronto Schools (Ontario); the French tournament was won by Corina Picui and Anna Saint from Port Moody Secondary (BC). Information about the tournament can be found at

Tournament History

The National Championships were started in 1998 by Sydney Academy in partnership with debate associations and schools from Manitoba, Nova Scotia, Quebec, Ontario, and Saskatchewan. Since then, the Championships has become recognized as the top competition in the country.

Host Champions
Year Host School City School Champions
2017 West Point Grey Academy Vancouver, BC Halifax Grammar Jack Farrell
Ben Gillis
2016 Walter Murray Collegiate Institue Saskatoon, SK Crofton House School Tatiana Kurschner
Lily Kim
2015 University of Toronto Schools Toronto, ON West Point Grey Academy Lloyd Lyall
Samantha Starkey
2014 St. John’s-Ravenscourt Winnipeg, MB West Point Grey Academy Lloyd Lyall
Samantha Starkey
2013 ADSA Calgary, AB Campbell Collegiate Nasra Moumin
Areeb Salim
2012 Lower Canada College Montreal, QC Richmond Hill Tae-Hu Kim
Anson Kwok
2011 Sacred Heart School Halifax, NS Branksome Hall Elizabeth Stratton
Anisah Mahomed
2010 Glenlyon Norfolk Victoria, BC West Point Grey Academy Jonathan Carson
Iqbal Kassam
2009 Campbell Collegiate Regina, SK West Point Grey Academy Jonathan Carson
Iqbal Kassam
2008 William Aberhart Calgary, AB West Point Grey Academy Helenaz Hajifattahi
Sean Husband
2007 Upper Canada College Toronto, ON Lower Canada College Madeleine Ballard
Caroline Wagner
2006 Lower Canada College Montreal, QC Lower Canada College Madeleine Ballard
Corey Wolman
2004 Newfoundland Student Debate Union St. John’s, NL Sydney Academy Sheldon McCormick
Blair MacDonald
2003 William Aberhart Calgary, AB Lower Canada College Alex Blank
Harry Schiff
2002 St. John’s-Ravenscourt Winnipeg, MB St. John’s-Ravenscourt Rowan Dorin
Sara Robertson
2001 Glenlyon-Norfolk Victoria, BC Glenlyon-Norfolk School Jessica Prince
Scott Murray
2000 Ashbury College Ottawa, ON St. John’s-Ravenscourt Elliot Tapper
Ben Wolinsky
1999 Branksome Hall Toronto, ON Sydney Academy Rory Gillis
Sarah Pottle
1998 Sydney Academy Sydney, NS Ashbury College Andrew Magnus
Tony Navaneelan

Resources and Contact

The National Championships uses the Canadian National Debate Format (CNDF), which is a blend of the Canadian Parliamentary and World Schools styles. It is described in the following documents:

The National Championships is governed by a committee independent of the CSDF which is chaired by the current tournament host. You can read the National Championships By-Laws (Revised 2014) and National Championships Board of Governors. You can also read minutes from past committee AGMs:


The CSDF is pleased to offer a sponsorship to the Senior National Championships with the generous support of Your Canada, Your Constitution.