Board and Officers

Each year at the National Seminar, a new Board of Directors for the Canadian Student Debating Federation is elected by the representatives of the member organizations. The Board is comprised of up to ten individuals and anyone nominated by a member organization can be elected to the Board. To ensure regional representation, the Board must contain at least one member from each of our four regions: the North (YK, NT, NU), the West (BC, AB, SK), the Centre (MB and ON), and the Atlantic (QC and the Maritimes) provided that willing candidates from each of these regions are available.

The membership elects a President, Director of French Language Debate and between five and eight other directors. Once elected, the Board has the responsibility for the appointment of officers, including Treasurer, Solicitor, Discipline Officer, Committee Chairs, Worlds Officer and Liaisons to external organizations as deemed necessary by the Board.

Throughout the year, the Board maintains contact with member organizations, coordinates with the upcoming Seminar Host, allocates funding under the McLeese Opportunities Fund and attends to administrative details required by the CSDF.

Past Presidents listing can be found here.

2020-2021 Board:

Debra Miko President;
Liaison for Speech and Debate Canada
Richard Picotin Director of French Debate QC
Jordan Burg Director, Central, Secretary, Treasurer MB
Richard Letourneau Director, The North  NT
Kent Avery Director, Atlantic; Team Canada Liaison; FNMI Outreach; 2022 Seminar Host  PE
Jean-Francois Tessier Director, Quebec; Alumni; Webmaster QC
Michael Macaraeg Director, Alumni; Webmaster MB
Elspeth Easton Director, the West; FNMI Outreach BC
Melissa Ong Director, 2021 Seminar Host SK
Rob McLeese Director, McLeese Family; Speech and Debate Canada ON

2020-2021 Officers:

Brian Casey Solicitor
Tracey Lee Worlds Officer
Jordan Burg Discipline Officer
Debra Miko Archives Officer
Mike Macaraeg Webmaster – English
Jean-Francois Tessier Webmaster – French

2019-2020 Worlds Committee:

Tracey Lee Committee Chair
Joshua Judah
Graeme Berrington
Frankie Cena
Jason Hong
 Kent Avery Board Liaison 
** Jason Xiao Co-Coach  
** Brent Schmidt Co-Coach