The general membership of the Canadian Student Debating Federation is made up of debating organizations across the country. At any time a new organization can apply for membership, however, with the exception of Quebec, each province may only have one member organization at a time. In Quebec, ADDEQ is the member responsible for French debating while QSDA coordinates English debate activities. Each member organization holds one vote at the Annual General Meeting, which is held each year at the National Seminar.

Current Members

Prov. Organization Logo
BC Debate and Speech Association of British Columbia
AB Alberta Speech and Debate Association
SK Saskatchewan Elocution and Debate Association
MB Manitoba Speech and Debate Association
PE Prince Edward Island Student Debating Society  
ON Ontario Student Debate Union
QC Quebec Student Debate Association (English)
QC Association des débats et discours des étudiants du Québec (French)
NB Debate New Brunswick  
NS Nova Scotia Debating Society
NL Newfoundland and Labrador Speech and Debate Union
NT École Boréale, Territoires du Nord-Ouest  

Membership Requirements

Yearly membership fees for the CSDF are $100 and are due on August 1st each year, along with an Application for a Membership form. Applications are submitted via email. If membership fees are not paid, membership will expire at the end of August of that year. Members are responsible for coordinating the selection process for National Seminar Delegates for their respective provinces and ensuring the eligibility of their delegates once selected. The members are also responsible for keeping debaters in their respective provinces up to date on information pertaining to the National Seminar and other CSDF events.

Each year, the members must submit their yearly report for consideration at the Annual General Meeting. Serving as updates for the membership, these reports summarize activity in the member province, including information such as events held, number of participants, coaching details and number of clubs. These reports should also include any new initiatives that were successful, suggestions for other members and any information other members may find useful for their own events and initiatives. For a full list of members, see the CSDF Members section.