British Parliamentary Championships

The Canadian British Parliamentary Championships is the only recognized Canadian championship tournament for advancing Canadian Debaters to the following International Competitions:

  • Oxford Schools Debating Competition – held at Oxford University
  • Cambridge Schools Debating Competition – held at Cambridge University
  • International Competition for Young Debaters – held at Oxford and Cambridge Universities in alternating years

Competitors are selected by their provincial associations, usually at a provincial championship.  The tournament host rotates around the country.

2021 Championships – Online (Zoom), Manitoba

Due to the continued global pandemic of 2020 – COVID19, the Senior  British Parliamentary National Debate Championships hosted by Manitoba Speech and Debate Association was again held online from November 19th – 22nd, 2021. The Junior Tournament will be held January 7th – 9th, 2022.  The senior high tournament and Steven Penner Award was won by Max Williams and Imaara Keshwani from Old Scona Academic High School, in Alberta.  Max Williams  also won as the best individual debater.

Tournament History

The Canadian British Parliamentary Championships was started in 2005 by Chris George from Lower Canada College, and in partnership with debate associations, and schools from across Canada.  This Championship has had three names since its beginnings.  It began in 2005 as the North American Championships (NorAms) with the top teams from this event being invited to compete at Oxford University, the following spring.  In 2009, it was renamed the Oxford Cup as it was really a qualifier to this tournament.  In 2018, it grew to include invitations from Cambridge, and to our Junior High students.  It was then renamed the Canadian British Parliamentary Championships.  Since then, the Championships has become recognized as the only competition for qualifying Canadian students for Oxford and Cambridge University Tournaments.

Special thank you to Chris George for his dedication and work in starting this Canadian Event.

YearConvenorTop Team Province
 2021 – CBPCJohn Robinson (MB)Max Williams & Imaara KeshwaniAlberta
2021 – U15John Robinson (MB)Michelle Liu & Vanessa Zhang British Columbia
 2020 – CBPCJason Hong (AB)Annushka Agarwal &  Ethan JasnyBritish Columbia
2020 – U15Jason Hong (AB)Jin Zhou & Sarah LiBritish Columbia
2019 – CBPCMelissa Ong (SK)Matthew Farrell & Nick AbernathyNova Scotia
2019 – U15Melissa Ong (SK)Alex Logan & Annie LuBritish Columbia
2018 – CBPCNicole Ratti (ON)Diba Heydary & Max RosenOntario
2018 – U15Nicole Ratti (ON)Angie Lei & Heather LiOntario
 2017Jonathan Bracewell (QC)Kristin Smith & Madeline RitterManitoba
 2016John Robinson (MB)Armin Safavi-Nainl & Martine DuffyOntario
 2015Guillaume Laroche (AB)Dasha Metropolitansky & Kiara HassanOntario
 2014Jonathan Bracewell (QC)Lloyd Lyall & Samantha StarkeyBritish Columbia
 2013Tracey Lee (BC)Mattea Roach & Rory FlynnNova Scotia
 2012John Robinson (MB)Peter Koczanski & Ryan SherboManitoba
 2011John Vella (ON)Debi Ogunrinde & Oliver BjornssonNova Scotia
 2010Michael Muir (ON)Catherine Kim & Nicole RattiOntario
 2009Linda Martin (MB)Iqball Kassam & Jonny CarsonBritish Columbia
 2008John Robinson (MB)Sam Fritz-Tate & Sam GreeneNewfoundland & Labrador
 2007Martin Poirier (AB)David Miko & Justen Hoffman-RussellAlberta
 2006Chris George & Rachel McCabe (QC)Calvin Rosemond & Joe BrickerOntario
 2005Chris George & Rachel McCabe (QC)Joshua Sealy & Wyll McClaryAlberta

Resources and Contact

The Canadian British Parliamentary Championships uses the British Parliamentary Debate Format, which is a style debated primarily in the United Kingdom.  It is described in the following document:

  • Official CBPC Rules
    • The host should continue to use the following documents that they are most familiar with:
      • Ballot
      • Adjudicators Guide
      • Judges Briefing
      • Moderator Script
    • The host may seek advice/guidance from the CNDC Board of Governors/past convenors as necessary.

The British Parliamentary National Championships is governed by a committee independent of the CSDF which is chaired by the current Senior High Nationals tournament host. You can read the National Championships By-Laws (Revised 2014) and National Championships Board of Governors. You can also read minutes from past committee AGMs:2021 – Online – Montreal, QC (QSDA)


We appreciate and graciously thank all sponsors for their support of our Canadian British Parliamentary Championships each year!