Policy Documents

CSDF By-laws (last revised following 2021 AGM)
The by-laws and regulations that govern the Canadian Student Debating Federation.

National Seminar Regulations (adopted at 2012 AGM)
The regulations that govern the National Student Debating Seminar. These have been completely revised following the 2011 Strategic Planning Meeting.

CSDF Handbook of Debate Rules and Formats (updated January 2011)
The CSDF-prescribed sets of rules, ballots, scripts and styles that are used each year for the National Student Debating Seminar.

McLeese Opportunities Fund Policy (revised September 2021)
The CSDF Board policy directing the use of McLeese Opportunity funds. See the McLeese Fund section for more information.

National Seminar Host Guide (revised 2017)
“Been There, Done That, Got the T-shirt.” This is the handbook for National Seminar hosts.

National Seminar Executive Summary (Fall 2016)
Written in by the hosts of the 2016 Seminar.

Privacy Policy

CSDF has created a database of the people who have participated in our program, so we can keep in touch with alumni.

As per your consent, we’ll maintain your contact information in our database as follows:

  1. We will not sell your information to anyone else;
  2. From time to time, we will share it with provincial debate organizations;
  3. From time to time we hope to ask you to assist us – either by judging, coaching or making a financial donation, and we will use the information in the database to do that.

You are welcome to opt out of our database if you wish, and if you change your mind we will remove your name from the database promptly on hearing from you.