Team Canada 2017

Team Canada 2017 development squad has had a busy year representing  Canadian debate at the 2017 Pan Americans and a US Invitational event.

The team has competed in one international tournament to date: the Pan American Championships in Buenos Aires, Argentina, February 13 – 20th, 2017.   At this event, Canada had three English teams and one French team.  Our only French team broke first in the French division advancing to the finals.  In the English stream, we had three teams – Canada East, Canada Central and Canada West.  In the break, Canada East broke 2nd, Canada West  3rd, Canada Central  4th.  The top breaking team was Argentina 1 with 6 wins but lower speaks than all three Canadian teams.  It was an all-Canadian Final with Canada Central facing off Canada West.  The end result was Canada West winning the PanAmerican Championships.

In addition to this event, Team Canada was also invited to attend an invitational event in the US;  the Old Parkland Debates in Dallas, Texas.

Coaches, Aislin Flynn and Iqbal Kassam have confirmed that the following team members will represent Canada at the 2017 World Schools Debate Championships to be held in Bali, this coming August 1st – 11th:

  • Dasha Metropolitansky
  • Martine Duffy
  • Armin Safavi
  • Kimathi Muiruri
  • Anna Yang 
  • Traveling with the Team as Observers are:
    • Alykhan Jetha 
    • Andrew Yun

Coaches: Aislin Flynn and Iqbal Kassam worked with the team all year right up to preparation for WSDC 2017 in Bali.  Incoming coach Elizabeth (Liz) Stratton took over the team beginning in June 2017 and will be coaching them in Bali.


Team Canada would not be able to represent Canada without the generous support of the community. We would like to thank our generous sponsors, who help make it possible for the Team to compete around the world.

Team Payments

If you are a team member, you can make payments by E-transfer or by cheque. Contact to set up an E-Transfer payment, and please make cheques out to “CSDF” and send them to:

Canadian Student Debating Federation

PO Box 74158 – 148 – 555 Strathcona Blvd SW – Calgary, Alberta – T3H 3B6