National Seminar 2015

The 2015 National Seminar ran from October 20th to 25th, 2015 in Victoria, BC.

The theme for the Victoria Seminar was Environment and Industry – Canada’s Past and Present. British Columbia is known worldwide for its beautiful and diverse environment. It is this environment that has provided employment and inspiration to those living and working in the province both in the past and at present. The prepared motion for the Seminar was: This House Would grant First Nations veto over any resource development that affects their traditional territories.

Seminar Award Winners

Tom Lawson Awards: Awarded to the students who best embody the spirit of the Seminar.
Jack deGooyer, NS
Chandler Guzman, BC

Speaker’s Citation: Awarded to the top Parliamentarians.
Chandler Guzman, BC
Roxane Fruytier, NB

Top Speakers:
Weedon Trophy (English) – Adam Miller, BC
Governor-General’s Award (French) – Anna Saint, BC
Chief Justice Award (Bilingual) – Lisa Begunova, ON

Founder’s Cup: awarded to the top speaker from each provincial member.
Hong Jun Kim, AB
Adam Miller, BC
Gilon Lazar, MB
Roxane Fruytier, NB
Grace Tucker, NL
Jack deGooyer, NS
Tyler Bennett, NWT
Phillip Cadieux, ON
Michael Trotter, PEI
Emma Cassarotto, QSDA
Simon-Oliver Savard, ADDEQ
Aden Tournier, SK


The National Seminar was able to provide travel funding for its delegates through a grant from the Government of Canada. To claim this funding, delegates will need to fill out the Travel Claim form (pdf).

The CSDF also thanks the Seminar’s ongoing sponsors, McLeese Debate and Your Canada, Your Constitution.

The Seminar is made possible in part by the Government of Canada. wordmark-cmyk