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Member Town Halls to continue in 2018-19

November 17, 2018

The CSDF is happy to announce that we will continue our Members’ Town Halls for the 2018-19 membership year. Members are invited to join us to work with each other by sharing best practices and worst ideas so we can all get better at developing great debaters. Once again we have three scheduled Town Halls […]

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Seminar Dates for 2018 and Waivers

June 15, 2018

For all delegates registering to attend the Quebec Seminar, September 26th to October 1st, 2018.  Your online registration form and the waiver you sign have incorrect dates.  At this point, we are unable to correct the forms.  Please know that the correct dates are September 26th to October 1st, 2018 and your waiver is in […]

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2017 National Seminar – Debate Motion

July 29, 2017

This House supports a national referendum on electoral reform in Canada.All elections in Canada use a system called “first past the post”, whereby the candidate with the most votes in a particular area ( called a riding ) holds the “seat” or represents that area in Parliament regardless of the number of votes they have, […]

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50 Years of the CSDF to be Celebrated in Port Hope, and Cobourg, Ontario

March 9, 2017

The CSDF is celebrating our 50th Anniversary in 2017! We are proud to be holding this special Seminar in Port Hope, and Cobourg, Ontario. Home to the first Seminar in 1967, where Tom Lawson set the foundation for what we have today. The Seminar will be held from October 10th to 15th, 2017, with the […]

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50 ans de la FCDC à célébrer à Port Hope, et Cobourg (Ontario)

March 8, 2017

La FCDÉ célèbre en 2017 son 50e anniversaire! Nous sommes particulièrement heureux de tenir une version spéciale du Séminaire à Port Hope, et Cobourg, Ontario, berceau du premier en 1967, là où Tom Lawson a jeté les bases de ce que nous connaissons aujourd’hui. Le Séminaire se tiendra du 10 au 15 octobre prochains, les […]

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50th Seminar to be celebrated in Nova Scotia!

March 22, 2016

The CSDF is celebrating our 50th National Seminar in 2016! We are proud to be holding this special Seminar in the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia. The Seminar will be held from October 26th – 31st and will be themed around Immigration and Emigration, “Then and Now”. For more information and the official invitation, check out […]

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